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Racial conflicts-

Police Brutality-


Evolution and feedback

For the assignment of conflicts I presented the conflict of masculinity, racial issues, and the conflict of police brutality.  During the session with our groups people shared their viewpoints on the topic I had brought up at hand.  With masculinity people including myself had thought that society makes it out so that men aren’t suppose to show certain emotions or do certain things that triggers those emotions because it gives out a feminine look.  I had thought to myself that humans will be humans and certain things will happen. For example if something bad has happened or something occurred to make the emotions of a man stir up and makes him cry, that doesn’t make any less of a man.  With police brutality, throughout research I’ve done, I’ve came to the conclusion that police brutality is very evident in the world today especially in America today.  There has been several recorded and even more unrecorded accounts of police treating civilians differently and harming other races and doing cruel things just because they are a cop and they know that they can get away with it.  A lot of times it is just “assumptions”  of a person that leads them to pull the trigger without having any real reason to do what they have done.  Racial issues in America and the world are very real and is going to continue to be a problem if people don’t get out of their head that their skin color determines “this and that”.  At the end of the day their has been so many wrong doings to people of the opposite color for which I believe is nothing but cruel intentions because when it comes down to it we all have prejudice in us.  Prejudice is something that is built in us we have opinions and we have thoughts that can a lot of times be inaccurate.  But the problem comes when a person acts on it.  A person could think that so and so about a person and a lot of times its not right to judge but we do it.  The problem is if they think that and act out on it and they don’t even have to act out on it to be racist, they can simply take it too far by putting everybody in a category of something because the heard about it or they can just simply go left field and disrespect another because of different qualities.