The story behind my pattern is about the time I went to the strip club over the summer.  This particular night I specifically remember the colors black, purple, and green.  The purple represented the lighting of the strip club, green represented the money that was thrown in the club and black represented not only the people I was with,, but the darkness of the club because to my knowledge strip clubs are dimly lit.  The pattern for this project was inspired by Riccardo Tisci’s design patterns for Givenchy.  The pattern is covered wildly with flowers in which the girls are represented as.  It’s a very complex pattern because it is a complex story that has a lot of detail.

Color Wheel

color wheel

Color Green

sycamore track picsycamore bball picgreen moneygreen project pt. 2

Color Purple

purple 1purple 2purple 3purple 4purple 5

purple 6purple 7purple 8purple 9

Color Black

black 1black 2black 3black 4black 5

black 6black 7black 8

Reflection- Colors of Culture

The colors of culture is colors that describe how words, expressions, and feelings occur with humans everyday.  The one thing I tend to notice is a specific pattern with colors and feelings.  The more lighter and happier the feeling is and the more uplifting the word is or feeling is the more bright the color is.  For example “evil” is associated by the color black giving it that dark feeling, while the word “purity” is represented by the colors white and grey.  This is a clear example of how words that have a darker meaning is represented by a darker color whereas the colors that are more lighter and vivid represents the words that have a more uplifting meaning to it.  The words that I am surprised about though is money and eternity.  These words stood out to me for the simple fact that with money, because the color is green I assumed that the color representing money would be green as well.  The colors representing eternity also caught me off guard as well.  Assuming that the colors would’ve been more of a brighter color such as a sky blue or white, it took me by surprised that the colors were black and green.  As expected though a lot of words are represented by colors that fit its description.  For example the word heat is represented by the color red and cold is represented by blue.  Erotic is represented by pink and red and style is represented by black.  I feel that the color applications that are most insightful about our culture are yellow, red, and green.  These colors are the most represented in our culture simply because I believe these are the colors that represent emotion and they are the most useful to define the words represented in the colors of culture.  The key colors in this color wheel though is blue, red, and yellow along with orange, purple, and green.  These colors are the main colors in the culture as well not only because these colors are the main colors if the color wheel that can create a majority of other colors, but because they fit descriptions of actual feelings, words, emotions, and definitions of words.  The colors that I’ve used for my story would have a dark, yet uplifting sense to it because my colors are green, purple, and black.  I think culture uses color the way it does to described the words being used more descriptively.  For example the world knows heat as hot resulting in similarities to fire.  Fire is a reddish orangish color which means that if our culture uses red to define it than it would make more sense.  The reason I say this is because imagine if heat was represented as blue and cold was represented by red.  It wouldn’t make sense resulting in confusion because they are opposite.  The colors that they give off wouldn’t match the color that our culture would represent it by which would cause confusion.